eXwavia rolls out fast wireless broadband in north Powys

Wednesday, April 18th 2012
Around 80 properties in north Powys have been connected to a high-speed wireless broadband service.
eXwavia rolls out fast wireless broadband in north Powys
Wales-based wireless internet service provider (ISP) eXwavia has rolled out a high-speed broadband link to around 80 properties in rural north Powys, Wales.

The project in Adfa and Cefn Coch near Welshpool comes as part of the company's pledge to make Montgomeryshire in north Powys the fastest region in the UK for rural broadband speeds.

Homes and businesses covered by the rollout will be able to access wireless broadband speeds of up to 20Mbps - significantly faster than the download rates available via terrestrial broadband services in many parts of the country.

The broadband service has been delivered through a link from the FibreSpeed fibre optic network in north Wales, which is connected via microwave technology to Long Mountain near Welshpool.

Annette Burges, managing director of eXwavia, said the deployment illustrates that any community - no matter how isolated - can gain access to fast broadband if sufficient demand exists in the local area.

"We're now working with other communities in north Powys to bring more fast and reliable broadband into homes and businesses," she explained.

"We want to make Montgomeryshire the fastest and most reliable rural location for broadband in the UK."

Commenting on the news, Montgomeryshire AM Russell George said Cefn Coch and Adfa had been left "isolated and in the cold" without a decent broadband connection until now.

He was quoted by WalesOnline as saying: "eXwavia's network demonstrates how such vital technology can actually reach such rural communities, stimulating business opportunities."

The announcement comes just a matter of days after eXwavia backed calls for Ofcom to bring an end to ISPs charging customers for broadband speeds they are unable to receive.

Lobby group wispa Limited argued that it is unfair for subscribers to be charged for 'up to' speeds, when in reality they can only take advantage of a fraction of these headline rates.

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