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Plusnet launches commercial fibre optic broadband trial

Wednesday, January 26th 2011
The company is gearing up to launch its fibre broadband product later this year.
Plusnet launches commercial fibre optic broadband trial
Plusnet has launched the next stage of its fibre optic broadband trial.

Dave Tomlinson, a representative from the Yorkshire-based internet service provider, revealed the first phase of its fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) test is closing, with more than 600 customers already signed up to the product and over 100 waiting to receive it.

The company is eager to make its fibre broadband proposition fully available later in the year and is consequently keen to commence a commercial trial, which will allow it to prepare and ensure it has the correct training and processes in place.

Subscribers have been invited to register online to take part in the beta trial.

"We are very pleased at the overall performance of FTTC," Mr Tomlinson commented.

Earlier this month, Plusnet revealed the average download speed being received by customers signed up to test the product is around 30Mbps.

FTTC will be available to between 15 and 20 per cent of the country in the near future, it added.

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Comments (1)

Former BT infinity Customer
11th April 2011
i've been with BT Infinity fibre optic for 8 months, and all i've experienced is poor speeds (especially with gaming), frequent drop outs, and having no service for hours sometimes days on end, despite paying £25 / month. BT's terms of service says with its fibre optic package the minimum acceptable speed is 12mb/sec....but the most i have had for the past 5 months is 7Mb/sec, and even that connection is very spasmodic, and my online games always lag and disconnect. Funny thing now is that despite Plusnet's "award " winning status, Plusnet are actually owned by BT, and from what i've read so far the Plusnet fibre optic is simply the BT infinity branded under a different name. If you're one of the dozens of people experienced problems with BT infinity, especially the so called "network problems at the exchange", then there's a very good chance you'll experience same problems with Plusnet fibre optic. My best bet, if like me, you're switching from BT to Plusnet fibre, is to go thru the plusnet fibre terms of service contract and find out what the minimum acceptable speed is. That way you can pull out of the contract and switch isps, as the provider has failed to keep its term of the contract.
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