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TalkTalk reportedly working on fibre optic broadband rollout

Wednesday, September 29th 2010
A news report has claimed that TalkTalk will unveil its top-secret fibre optic broadband proposition in the coming months.
TalkTalk reportedly working on fibre optic broadband rollout
TalkTalk is reportedly gearing up to announce it has rolled out fibre optic broadband across much of the UK.

The broadband bundle provider has been constructing a "very, very large" super-fast network throughout the country, according to tech news site TechEye.

Furthermore, the online resource claimed TalkTalk's rivals are unaware of the work it has been carrying out, with a BT source stating that the only competition it knows of in the fibre optic market is Virgin Media.

Citing an unnamed TalkTalk employee, TechEye said a "shock announcement" regarding the matter will be made by the internet service provider in "a couple of months".

It added that TalkTalk is planning to undercut the prices offered by BT.

Earlier this month, BT revealed that customers who sign up for a landline and broadband bundle will be able to upgrade to a fibre optic service when it becomes available in their area at no extra monthly cost.

The telecoms giant is planning to connect two-thirds of properties to the infrastructure by 2015.

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Comments (4)

Daniel Davis
05th May 2012
I live in Midlothian. We were promised BT fibre optic by 1st quarter 2012. I was told on the 16th March 2012 that it would definitely happen by 31 March 2012. It hasn't arrived. The openreach site now says end of 2014 - a near three year delay. The government gave BT £530 million to help rural areas. BT's behaviour is a disgrace.
29th March 2011
I live in rural Aberdeenshire and the likelyhood of ever getting fibre optic is very slim.We cannot even get half the speeds quoted.I am on up to 24meg with TalkTalk and the most I have been able to get is 6.2 mbs.I am 75 years old and I doubt if I will see it in my lifetime.As to boogaloo,s comment ,he or she should try before slanging them off. I have just joined TalkTalk and the change over from BT went smoothly.I am paying half of what BT was charging me and if I am not satisfied I can canvel within a 30 day limit. My broadband speed is also much faster. The moral try before you comment
14th March 2011
What month is optic being sent out.
01st October 2010
Will they actually provide bb to their customers - for many they don't. Rubbish company.
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