UK Broadband and Capita to roll out 4G in Swindon

Friday, April 20th 2012
A super-fast mobile broadband system is set to be deployed across Swindon.
UK Broadband and Capita to roll out 4G in Swindon
Swindon is set to become the first local authority area in the country to gain access to a borough-wide 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband network.

After becoming the first operator to deploy a commercial 4G service in the UK in February, UK Broadband (UKB) announced it will roll out a hybrid microwave/4G LTE system across Swindon, in partnership with Swindon Borough Council's (SBC's) IT service provider, Capita.

The company has already begun building the network, which will eventually extend connectivity to 63 service sites via microwave links.

Once this stage has been completed, 4G services will be layered over the network, offering wireless broadband access to businesses and public bodies across Swindon.

According to UKB, the super-fast mobile broadband technology will provide a cost-effective form of high-speed internet access and deliver financial savings for the council immediately.

Initially, only fixed-line connections will be available via the infrastructure, with mobile Wi-Fi devices set to be launched in September, allowing users to take advantage of mobile data services.

Nicholas James, chief executive at UKB, said the company is demonstrating to local authorities how 4G mobile broadband can save money and roll out next-generation broadband access.

"By deploying our unique combination of very-high-speed microwave and high-capacity multichannel LTE we can deliver truly wireless towns and cities," he explained.

"We can also deliver super-fast home broadband in line with the government's broadband ambitions."

Hitesh Patel, SBC's board director for transformation and strategic projects, added: "The increased speed and reliability ... will enable public sector workers to be more effectively and easily connected to their core office systems."

UKB switched on its first 4G LTE system in the London borough of Southwark in February, with the network set to begin offering commercial services from May.

The mobile infrastructure will initially cover the Borough and Southbank areas of Southwark. 

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