BT attracts concern over Bradley Stoke fibre broadband rollout

Tuesday, April 3rd 2012
BT may not deploy super-fast broadband to the majority of homes in Bradley Stoke.
BT attracts concern over Bradley Stoke fibre broadband rollout
Customers in Bradley Stoke served by the Filton telephone exchange can now sign up for BT's super-fast broadband product, but doubts exist about how many local properties will be able to take advantage of the technology.

The Openreach website began receiving orders last weekend, meaning residents and businesses are able to subscribe to the fibre broadband service through BT or rival providers such as Sky and TalkTalk, which use the telecoms giant's network.

However, according to the Bradley Stoke Journal, rumours persist that only a small proportion of householders with 0117 telephone numbers will actually be able to benefit from the rollout, either because BT is only installing a limited number of street cabinets or because their property is too far from the exchange.

A tool on the BT Infinity website that indicates whether the service is available in any given area reveals that fibre optic broadband will be extended to Rosemary Close in Bradley Stoke from June, but that it will not be offered in the nearby Coriander Drive or Tarragon Place.

Customers with 01454 numbers, served by the exchange at Almondsbury, are still waiting to hear whether they are in line to benefit from the company's commercial super-fast broadband deployment, which is due to be finished by 2014.

This is not the first time that concerns have been expressed about the extent of BT's fibre optic broadband rollouts.

Speaking to PC Pro early last year, Zen Internet's broadband product manager Stuart Watson claimed BT leaves as many as 60 per cent of street cabinets in any given exchange area without fibre optic broadband connectivity during its initial deployments, despite heralding the availability of the service.

"A highly visible list of schedules goes out to say when exchanges are going to be enabled, but that only means the exchange area is starting to be in progress," he explained.

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04th April 2012
I fail; to understand why Virgin Media do not extend its operation to the rest of Bradley Stoke – I have not seen the Bradley Stoke Town Council push VM on this. As for BT I doubt that at the moment they have the backbone infrastructure which connects their exchanges and other ISPs equipment to be able to roll out infinity on mass. Don’t forget that in the UK having a fast broadband connection does not mean that the speed will be maintained at infinite after a few quick downloads most ISPs will throttle the speed right back – (this is disguised as fair share rules apply) actually what this means is that the infrastructure is woefully inadequate to support continuous fast broadband connections for all connections. This maybe why they are dragging their heals on upgrading the 01454 exchange. 40mbits communication is still very slow considering that over 10 years ago computers in data centres were communicating at 100mbits and now 1000mbits is the standard with 10000mbits being rolled out - makes 1 - 2mbit ADSL look more than slow - and that’s all that I get from Plusnet in Juniper Way Other countries are leaving us behind because their governments have realised the commercial sense to have fast and cheap
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