BT to trial 'naked superfast network'

Wednesday, April 1st 2015
Plans for the development of standalone broadband connections have been revealed by BT.
BT to trial 'naked superfast network'
BT has announced the company is to embark on an ambitious project to trial the delivery of so-called 'naked' superfast broadband services in the coming months.

The network provider is in the process of developing superfast broadband services that can be delivered without the need for a telephone line - creating a standalone service that could be of great interest to many customers.

At present, all broadband connections require the installation of an active telephone line to the user's property. However, this means those households that rarely, if ever, use a landline are forced to incur the additional costs of line rental on top of their monthly broadband bills.

It is therefore BT's intention to work out new ways to help its customers to save by delivering broadband services without the need for this associated line.

The trial has been scheduled for early next year, although BT is yet to publish any potential pricing details for this new and innovative technology.

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