Demand is high for countryside broadband services

Monday, May 16th 2011
Broadband services are in high demand in rural areas of the UK, just as they are in the cities.
Demand is high for countryside broadband services
People living in rural areas of the UK continue to show a high level of demand for high-speed internet services, with many broadband providers now looking to fulfil this need.

Clodagh Murphy, director of Eclipse Internet, said the firm is working in close relation with BT to deliver fibre broadband access to as many of its clients as possible, especially those in rural areas that would otherwise struggle to have access to super-fast broadband networks.

She commented: "We only have to mention superfast fibre broadband to see the demand from our customers. We are working alongside BT to make sure that our customers will benefit from the roll out as much as possible."

Ms Murphy added that the demand is definitely there among rural dwellers and it is up to companies across the UK to roll out fibre broadband to as many areas as possible to make the UK the number one country for broadband access in the years ahead.

As a result of this high level of demand, Eclipse has put together an availability map for its clients, highlighting the areas that will see upgrades to broadband services over the coming months and it has urged other providers to do the same. In this way, it can ensure that consumers are reassured that providing broadband services throughout the country remains a top priority for firms.

Research commissioned by Scottish Widows recently revealed that for many people, home broadband is more important to them than critical illness insurance or other forms of emergency cover.

The study showed that 15 per cent of the 5,000 respondents interviewed said they would be prepared to cut back on broadband spending in order to save in the present economic climate, while 20 per cent would axe life insurance and critical illness spending.

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Comments (2)

16th May 2011
If Bt is given £1500 by the goverment by all accounts they will place a "chip" into the local exchange and then broadband will be available in North Wales. There always seems a price to pay for goverment promises for broadband for ALL
16th May 2011
All we seem to hear is that we in rural areas need super broadband. All we would like is a straight forward broadband! At present we can only have a dialup service. (and that is very slow) All talk and no action seems to be the only access available!!!
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