Draka offers fibre optic broadband support to small communities

Friday, October 7th 2011
The company will offer free-of-charge design assistance to small-scale super-fast broadband projects.
Draka offers fibre optic broadband support to small communities
Small communities keen to deploy super-fast broadband networks are being offered free assistance on the planning process by cable and fibre supplier Draka.

The company, part of the Prysmian Group, has said it will provide no-charge simulation studies and design analysis to help develop a business case to finance the fibre broadband rollout.

Installing up-to-date infrastructure and utilising planning and design software reduces the risks attached to funding the project and brings down the overall cost significantly, Draka claimed.

According to LightWave Online, the firm believes its solutions can simplify the processes involved in constructing a fibre broadband network, therefore indicating the most cost-effective and efficient method to carry out the work.

Users of the software can alter parameters and create design concepts quickly thanks to its intelligent mathematical algorithms.

Although it acknowledged that services change "frequently", Draka insisted if a network is rolled out effectively it can last for between 20 and 30 years, while the active infrastructure can be future-proofed for three to four years.

Edgar Aker, business development manager at the Prysmian Group's telecoms solutions arm, said the company has been impressed by the enthusiasm community organisations have shown for deploying super-fast broadband.

"Fibre to the home (FTTH) is the only future-proof solution for a symmetrical ultra high-bandwidth network when compared with VDSL or satellite transmission, which is extremely asymmetrical and requires large dishes for true, useable bandwidth," he remarked.

"Today, we are committing to offer Draka's network design software and experience to benefit local communities in the UK and throughout Europe free of charge."

The organisation has lent its expertise to small-scale fibre optic broadband rollouts across Europe, including an FTTH network in the Swiss village of Huenenberg.

Last month, it announced the first phase of the Huenenberg rollout had been completed, with the amount of cables deployed spanning a total length of 4.5km.

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