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EIU downplays economic impact of 4G

Tuesday, October 30th 2012
Super-fast mobile broadband will not have as big an economic impact as some experts have predicted, according to the EIU.
EIU downplays economic impact of 4G
The economic boost provided by 4G super-fast mobile broadband technology is unlikely to be as significant as some parties have predicted, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has warned.

Coinciding with Everything Everywhere's (EE's) launch of Britain's first 4G mobile network today (October 30th 2012), the business consultancy stressed that a reality check is needed over the likely short-term benefits, reports the Financial Times.

Although it expects to see some stimulus to economic activity and job creation in the near future, the EIU claimed there are many barriers in the way of the technology, including consumers' reluctance to accept change and a shortage of digital skills.

Denis McCauley, director of global technology research at the EIU, said a "dose of reality" is needed over the shorter term impact of the launch.

"For many anticipated benefits, it is less about building bigger pipes and more about the need for established systems, processes and skills to evolve," he added.

EE's 4G service is going live in 11 cities, while 98 per cent of the population are set to be covered by 2014.

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