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Broadband Comparison - A Guide To Buying Broadband Packages

Broadband packages come in such a wide range of different types that selecting the right one to suit your needs can seem a little bewildering. At Broadband Choice we know how important it is to have all the information you need readily available before you give your hard-earned cash to a broadband provider so we arrange all of our broadband deals into logical categories so you know exactly where to look for the right broadband package for you.

Home Broadband

Perhaps the area of broadband internet access that comes in the greatest number of variations is home broadband. Today you can subscribe to home broadband packages with connection speeds ranging from a basic 17Mbps connection up to a lightening-quick 300Mbps fibre optic home broadband package, with myriad variations in-between. Most of our deals include inclusive wireless routers, online storage facilities and download allowances to suit every type of broadband user.

Fibre Optic Broadband

Fibre optic broadband, or cable broadband, is probably the single area of broadband technology that is getting the most interest at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. With fibre optic broadband you can experience the internet like never before with download speeds of up to 300Mbps opening up more content than ever before including IPTV and HD movies.

Business Broadband

A good Business broadband package is a must in the fast paced business world of the 21st century. Business broadband brings with it a level of reliability and support that the home broadband market isn't always able to match. By subscribing to a business broadband package from one of the UK's biggest providers can bring you unlimited downloads, fixed IP address functionality and 24/7 specialist technical support so your business broadband is never interrupted by broadband issues ever again.

Phone and Broadband Packages

Combining phone and broadband packages into a single bundle makes a lot of sense. By taking both services from your preferred provider you can take advantage of terrific money savings, excellent customer support from a single source, inclusive call options to spare you ever having to pay for a land line call ever again – and with the convenience and peace-of-mind of having all of your charges on a single monthly bill. No wonder so many people are signing up for phone and broadband packages every day.

Mobile Broadband

Thanks to the boom of the mobile broadband industry you no longer need to be tied to your desk to enjoy fast internet access. The biggest names in mobile phones – such as 3, O2, EE and Vodafone - now offer mobile broadband packages with download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, which is almost as fast as a great many home broadband packages. Perks can include high download options, free mobile broadband dongles and even no need to sign a contract.

TV and Broadband Packages

When selecting the perfect broadband package why not consider combining it with a digital TV package. We have some fantastic TV and broadband packages that not only bring you unlimited superfast web access but also include dozens of digital TV channels and an inclusive set-top box – all at fantastic prices and charged to a single, convenient monthly bill.

Unlimited Broadband Packages

With an unlimited broadband plan you can download as much data as you need each month without incurring any penalties. This opens up the world of HD movies, unlimited online gaming and media streaming and lets you enjoy the web like never before. We have details of every single unlimited broadband package on offer in the UK from top providers including Virgin Media, BT and Sky, many of which include some really great freebies.

Broadband Bundles

If you are looking for the ultimate broadband bundle we’ve got some incredible deals on broadband, TV and phone packages that include hundreds of TV channels, free set-top boxes that let you pause and rewind live TV and even inclusive land line phone calls all day, every day and all on a single bill from your chosen supplier.
16th October 2013
Public sector funding is proving to be the essential ingredient in bringing fibre optic broadband to rural Scotland. Support from the public sector is essential in making sure fibre optic broadband is brought to the most rural areas of the UK,...
15th October 2013
A village in Shropshire is holding an event to celebrate fibre optic broadband. The village of Little Wenlock in Shropshire will hold a ceremonial event today (October 15th) to celebrate gaining access to fibre optic broadband.It follows a community...
14th October 2013
BT says an area of central Edinburgh will not be included in its £2.5 billion rollout of fibre optic broadband. Residents and business owners in Edinburgh have been left frustrated after BT confirmed the city would not be included in its latest...
11th October 2013
A communications firm from Hull is attempting to equip the city with the fastest fibre optic broadband speeds in the country. A communications business from Hull has vowed to make the city the highest rated in the UK in terms of fibre optic...
10th October 2013
Fibre optic broadband has gone live in Alnwick for the first time. Homes and businesses in the Northumberland town of Alnwick have been connected to fibre optic broadband for the first time.Thanks to a nationwide rollout project by service provider...
09th October 2013
The leader of Northumberland County Council says bringing fibre optic broadband to the region is essential for sustainability. The introduction of fibre optic broadband to the most rural areas of the UK should be a priority for the government,...
08th October 2013
A Lincolnshire MP has said communities that are introduced to fibre optic broadband should focus on making sure businesses are fully aware of the superfast service's benefits. A Lincolnshire MP has urged communities that are set to have fibre optic...
07th October 2013
Around 18,000 homes and businesses in Berkshire will gain fibre optic broadband access as part of a new scheme. A new deal between the local government and service provider BT will bring fibre optic broadband access to a further 18,000 properties in...
04th October 2013
Fibre optic broadband will introduced to 88 per cent of Lincolnshire by April 2016. Lincolnshire County Council has announced plans to bring fibre optic broadband access to 88 per cent of the region by April 2016.Engineering on the first phase of...
03rd October 2013
The leader of Calderdale Council has praised the introduction of fibre broadband to 2,000 properties in Ripponden. A project that will bring fibre optic broadband to the Yorkshire village of Ripponden has been praised by the local council.Tim Swift,...
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