BT moves Finchampstead fibre broadband forward to June

Wednesday, February 1st 2012
Residents in Finchampstead are set to gain access to super-fast broadband from BT in the coming months.
BT moves Finchampstead fibre broadband forward to June
BT has offered a boost to businesses and residents in the Berkshire parish of Finchampstead who are struggling to access a reliable internet service by announcing plans to roll out its Infinity fibre optic broadband product by this June.

Last November, the improvement work at the Eversley exchange was delayed for a second time to December 2012, but the telecoms giant has now decided to move the project forward by six months on its Infinity Map, reports Get Wokingham.

A spokeswoman for BT said the company is glad the scheme has been accelerated, but warned that all upgrade dates are subject to change given the scale of its rollout programme.

"It's great when we can turn round and give some positive news, but it's a massive national programme that entails a lot of work and a lot of working with local authorities," she explained.

While the insider stressed BT is "committed" to delivering faster broadband to all communities within its deployment schedule as soon as possible, she stated the dates announced by the internet service provider are only indicative of when the project is likely to happen, based on a variety of factors.

However, the company will bring forward upgrade work whenever it can, the spokeswoman declared.

Rachel McGuinness, an entrepreneur who launched a Twitter campaign for faster broadband in Finchampstead in October 2009, accused BT of operating "behind smoke and mirrors" rather than committing to a firm schedule.

She commented: "As there have been so many confusing messages and dates everyone has different information. It is down for June but how accurate is the map?"

As well as announcing plans to accelerate the Finchampstead fibre broadband rollout, BT recently revealed it will extend its next-generation copper broadband footprint to almost 14,000 more homes and businesses in Berkshire by this summer.

Mortimer, Woolhampton, Spencers Wood and Hungerford are the latest communities set to benefit from the initiative.

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