3 Mobile Wi-Fi hub available now

Tuesday, November 29th 2011
The new Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi hub from 3 Mobile has now hit the market.
3 Mobile Wi-Fi hub available now
Network operator 3 Mobile has announced consumers can now get their hands on its new Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi hub, which can connect multiple devices to the internet.

The product, which can be purchased online and at the carrier's high street stores, allows owners to turn their existing mobile broadband USB modem into a home Wi-Fi hotspot that can share its signals with up to five wireless-enabled gadgets.

It is perfect for customers who want to be able to connect smartphones, tablets, games consoles or other devices to the internet at the same time as their laptop, 3 Mobile stated.

Available in black, the hub is mains powered and can transmit mobile broadband signals in a 30-metre range.

The majority of mobile broadband dongles are compatible with the Wi-Fi hub, including 3 Mobile's own premium product, which offers download rates of up to 5.9Mbps. Thanks to its HSPA+ capability, this figure is set to rise to 21.1Mbps as the carrier continues its rollout of fast mobile broadband technology.

By the end of this year, 3 Mobile hopes to have 80 per cent of its network upgraded to HSPA+, with the remaining fifth set to follow shortly afterwards.

The hotspot also functions with USB modems from other service providers, so consumers need not be subscribed to 3 Mobile to take advantage of the hub.

David Kerrigan, the company's head of mobile broadband, commented: "The Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi hub is another valuable internet solution from 3 Mobile that will complement our great offering of dongles.

"Existing dongle owners will now find that they can share the benefits of their mobile internet connection with even more of their gadgets like tablets and games consoles, without any fuss."

The product offers similar functionality to 3 Mobile's award-winning MiFi device, which also allows owners to connect as many as five wireless gadgets to the web simultaneously. 

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13th January 2012
A question rather than a comment ----- I already have a 3 payg dongle, and am thinking of buying the new kindle (the £89 model-- not the 3g keyboard model), will the hub support kindle connectivity?
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