Croydon business park broadband boost

Friday, December 19th 2014
Broadband connectivity is to be improved at Croydon business park in the coming months.
Croydon business park broadband boost
Grant funding to boost broadband connectivity for businesses in Croydon will help companies improve their services in the years ahead.

Cambridge News reports £20,000 has been awarded to Valley Court business park near Royston from the Destination Digital programme, a government-funded initiative aimed at helping businesses achieve improved access to superfast broadband services.

The money will now be used to install a dedicated broadband leased line for the facility, which when fully up and running will provide residents with access to download rates of up to 30 Mbps.

Landlord at Valley Court James Brown commented: "The benefits of the connection voucher scheme for Valley Court were obvious. It will be easier for us to attract new tenants with higher speeds and give us the edge on competitors."

Nicola Roope, a director at Valley Court resident Metechno, added the additional speed offered through this faster connection will provide a significant efficiency boost for the company in terms of the time it takes to transfer large files.

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