Expert explains 4G mobile broadband benefits

Monday, November 26th 2012
Tech journalist Michael Brook has explained the key benefits of 4G networks.
Expert explains 4G mobile broadband benefits
The biggest difference between 3G and 4G mobile broadband services is the amount of data that can be transferred quickly in one go, according to technology journalist Michael Brook.

With 4G networks offering up to 20 times the speeds of 3G, consumers will be able to download a full album in less than a minute or a feature film in ten minutes, he explained.

Mr Brook said significant speed improvements will also be noticed in tasks such as uploading to Facebook and Twitter, and streaming videos while on the move.

The other major benefit offered by 4G technology is that it will effectively eradicate many of the problems associated with bringing faster broadband to rural communities, the tech expert commented.

He added: "4G is over the air and easier to deliver to people in far-flung parts of the country."

Everything Everywhere launched the UK's first 4G mobile network at the end of October, with the service currently available in 11 cities across the UK.

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