Investment announced in Dorset broadband

Tuesday, June 16th 2015
An investment in superfast broadband will benefit homes and businesses across Dorset.
Investment announced in Dorset broadband
Homes and businesses across Dorset are to benefit from a £3 million influx of funding that will bolster the rollout of superfast broadband connections across the county.

More than 40,000 people have already benefited from the ongoing efforts of the Superfast Dorset programme and this latest tranche of funding will ensure thousands more will also do so in the months ahead.

Organised by Dorset County Council in partnership with network operator BT, the scheme is being provided through the government's Broadband Delivery UK framework and aims to deliver superfast broadband to up to 50 Dorset communities by early 2018.

Dorset County Council Cabinet Economy Spokesman Councillor Colin Jamieson told the Western Gazette: "Businesses are learning to make the most of the new technology to reach more customers and work in new ways. Further embracing fibre technology can only be good for Dorset's businesses and tourism."

He added that next-generation broadband continues to transform the lives of people across the county.

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