Labour constituencies 'have better broadband'

Friday, April 24th 2015
A political difference in the provision of superfast broadband has been highlighted.
Labour constituencies 'have better broadband'
A new map of the UK's constituencies has revealed an interesting political disparity between those areas receiving the fastest and slowest download speeds at present.

Based on figures compiled by ThinkBroadband, the research showed that of the top 30 constituencies for broadband speed (all areas where 90 per cent of premises are are able to access broadband speeds of 30 Mbps or more), more than half are Labour-controlled areas.

Conversely, in the bottom 30 areas listed, where half or fewer constituencies have access to superfast services, 17 area were Conservative-controlled.

However, while this may seem strange at first, a possible explanation has been put forward by ThinkBroadband founder Andrew Ferguson, who argued that far from being some kind of calculated political move, the disparity could simply be down to population densities.

"A lot of this is because Labour seats tend to be in urban areas while Conservative ones tend to control more rural seats," he noted.

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