Majority of Brits 'happy with broadband services'

Friday, January 30th 2015
The vast majority of broadband users in the UK are satisfied with the level of service they receive.
Majority of Brits 'happy with broadband services'
New figures published by UK communications industry regulator Ofcom have highlighted the significant majority of Brits that are happy with their present level of access to broadband services.

Overall, 91 per cent of broadband users in the UK are satisfied with their service, according to Ofcom's Consumer Experience of 2014 report.

The regulator stated it will now be working closely with members of the UK's broadband industry as it looks to boost these results further in the coming years.

The news follows the recent publication of Akamai's State of the Internet Report for the third quarter of 2014.

It revealed the UK now stands as the 19th fastest nation in terms of overall fixed-line broadband download speeds, with an average transfer rate for UK consumers standing at 10.7 Mbps.

The top-performing nation for the three-month period was South Korea with a result of 25.3 Mbps.

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