O2 introduces broadband-embedded laptops

Friday, April 30th 2010
O2 is launching two laptops featuring built-in broadband capability.
O2 introduces broadband-embedded laptops
O2 is launching two exclusive new laptops featuring built-in mobile broadband, following the company's first foray into the laptop market last year.

The ultra-thin Asus UL30A laptop and the Samsung N150 network contain embedded SIM cards, meaning the devices come with the same full service wrap that mobile customers enjoy.

Inclusive Wi-Fi, an extended two-year warranty, 30 days of technical support and virus protection are all featured in the broadband bundle in addition to the laptops themselves.

"We know that customers want to be able to click and go without the hassle of having to load up a mobile broadband dongle and our new range will make surfing the web and staying touch even easier," commented Felix Geyr, head of home and broadband at O2.

Regulator Ofcom recently named O2 as the company most likely to inform potential customers of the maximum broadband speed their line can support, without being prompted to.

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