Superfast broadband expansion falling behind expectations

Wednesday, May 18th 2011
More needs to be done to meet superfast broadband expansion expectations, a telecoms analyst has stated.
Superfast broadband expansion falling behind expectations
The growth of superfast broadband networks across the UK is not meeting expectations, a telecoms analyst believes.

According to the latest Broadband Infrastructure Index from Point Topic, its marker fell from 55 to 53 per cent during the last six months, indicating that more needs to be done to push forward the expansion of superfast broadband services in the UK.

The index measures both broadband coverage and prospects and has highlighted delays in the delivery of Fibre-to-the-Home fibre-optic networks by CityFibre Holdings, as well as cutbacks in rollout plans by alternative developers Vtesse Networks, as significant events in this reduction.

In addition, the report noted that delays in the handout of government funding by the Broadband Delivery UK office are also a cause for concern.

Tim Johnson, chief analyst at Point Topic, said: "Alternative networks are finding the going quite hard at the moment. They're in danger of being sidelined by BT and the big internet service providers.

"But these initiatives could play a vital part in creating demand for superfast broadband to the great benefit of local communities."

According to the organisation, the best way for developers to push forward with expansion plans in order to meet government aims is for these firms to embrace community initiatives, such as BT's popular Race to Infinity scheme.

However, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt recently stated that the coalition is intent on providing superfast broadband to 90 per cent of UK businesses by 2015 and is willing to ensure additional funding will be made available to ensure these goals are met over the long term.

"Now local authorities need to step up to the plate by bringing forward their own plans setting out how they will deliver this level of ambition," Mr Hunt added.

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19th May 2011
I'm surprised that fibre optic broadband is still a rarity in the UK. I'm originally from a country which is half the territory of England and the population it like 20 times less. We have the fastest broadband in Europe. Fibre optic in UK? Really? Maybe in 30 years when all 3rd world countires already have it...
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