Be Broadband customers praised for MoDember efforts

Monday, December 6th 2010
The company applauded all those who got involved in the money-raising initiative.
Be Broadband customers praised for MoDember efforts
Be Broadband has helped to generate hundreds of pounds for prostate cancer research with its MoDember campaign.

The broadband bundle provider called on its subscribers to take pictures of their modems sporting a moustache in support of the global Movember initiative, in which the UK raised more than £8 million for the fight against the disease.

While Be Broadband's scheme did not contribute such a substantial amount, the company still praised all those who got involved in MoDember, which generated a total of £1,790 in funds.

"We want to thank you for taking part and being the great people we know you are," the home broadband company stated.

Canada proved to be the country that took the Movember campaign to its heart the most, with almost 119,000 people registering their support and just under £13 million raised.

Australia came in second with more than £12.5 million, followed by the UK, the US, Ireland and New Zealand.

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