Expert: Landline broadband bundles 'are the best'

Wednesday, February 24th 2010
Home users will probably get a better performance from landline broadband bundles than through a dongle, an expert has claimed.
Expert: Landline broadband bundles 'are the best'
In the years before the launch of the Long Term Evolution 4G service, home users will probably get better results using landline broadband bundles than mobile ones.

Jack Schofield, writing for the Guardian, has claimed that this solution is still a few years away from becoming common use in the UK and so advises accessing the internet over a landline connection.

He suggested that some houses do not have access to the technology necessary to benefit from mobile broadband and emphasised the importance of checking this before opting for this type of broadband bundle.

"[A] fixed phone line or cable connection should normally be able to deliver 3 Mbps to 7 Mbps for a lower cost [than through a dongle]," he added.

Mr Schofield stated that, while the cost of this option would need to include installing and renting a phone line, this can often be shared by anyone else living in the building.

Mobile broadband users planning a trip to Europe, however, can soon benefit from leading broadband provider Virgin Media's new Travel Passes bundle, which allows access to the web from anywhere inside the EU.

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