Liverpool to trial super-fast broadband via power lines

Friday, December 31st 2010
The project will involve more than 1,000 homes in the north-west city.
Liverpool to trial super-fast broadband via power lines
A super-fast broadband service that delivers web connections to properties via electricity lines is set to be trialled in Liverpool.

Some 1,200 households in the area will receive their home broadband in this manner, reports the Liverpool Daily Post, which revealed smart meters are an important element of the strategy.

Low carbon economy manager for The Mersey Partnership Mark Knowles explained these devices will be fitted at the pilot properties in spring 2011 and will pave the way for broadband to be delivered through the power lines.

The technology will enable download speeds of up to 200Mbps, around ten times faster than the capacity currently received in the area.

It is also almost 40 times the speed of the UK's national average figure of 5.2Mbps, which was recorded by telecoms watchdog Ofcom back in May.

"This is another option to deliver super-fast broadband without having to dig up streets," Mr Knowles commented, adding the scheme could lead to the creation of hundreds of jobs.

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Comments (2)

04th January 2011
Polluting Broadband Powerline Communications (PLC) - the technology that ruins peoples' enjoyment of radio - is to be trialled in Liverpool in 2011, five years after the technology was last used in the UK. Just when we think we might be winning the war against PLCs some other scumbag pops up. Work apparently stated in July and has been going on at 12 substation in secret, supposedly to avoid cable thefts. It would seem to me that the real reason is to avoid direct action and protest at the trial.
24th June 2009
Have to rely on Sky for TV...although neighbours 200yds away can get Freeview
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