Ofcom finds two-thirds of rural Welsh homes have broadband

Thursday, August 19th 2010
Regulator Ofcom has revealed that broadband take-up in urban Wales stands at 62 per cent, compared with 69 per cent in rural areas.
Ofcom finds two-thirds of rural Welsh homes have broadband
Consumers in rural Wales are more likely to have access to broadband than their counterparts in urban areas.

Over two-thirds of people living in more remote parts of the country have some form of home broadband connection, compared with 62 per cent of city residents, Ofcom has revealed.

Broadband take-up across Wales as a whole has now reached 64 per cent, seven percentage points less than the overall figure for the UK. This margin stood at ten percentage points a year ago.

Director of Ofcom Wales Rhodri Williams welcomed the news, commenting: "It's good to see that the digital divide between Wales and the UK as a whole is narrowing."

Mr Williams added that Welsh consumers and businesses are increasingly viewing communications services as "a necessity rather than a luxury".

Earlier this week, BT revealed it will be giving almost 68,000 properties across Wales access to faster broadband speeds by spring 2011 with the roll-out of its 21st Century Network.

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