Ofcom: It is easy for broadband users to keep their children safe online

Friday, February 26th 2010
It is easy to secure a home broadband connection in order to protect children from accessing unsafe content.
Ofcom: It is easy for broadband users to keep their children safe online
Home broadband users who want to make 100 per cent sure their children are safe online can do so more easily than ever before, it has been claimed.

Ofcom has said that in times when children often use the internet unaccompanied it is important to turn on parental controls.

The watchdog added that it has published a number of guides which show in easy steps how a home broadband connection can be secured.

It highlights the fact that home computers, mobile phones and games consoles can all access the web but that this should not concern parents debating whether or not to buy a broadband package.

"All of these come with parental controls so that you can help manage what your children can view on the web," Ofcom explained.

In other news, the watchdog has recently called for volunteers to help it devise a roadmap of internet speeds in the UK.

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