Ofcom releases updated broadband speed data

Friday, March 16th 2012
The average modem sync speed available in each of England's local authority districts has been released by Ofcom.
Ofcom releases updated broadband speed data
Ofcom has published updated broadband speed data that shows the current theoretical download rates available in all local authority districts (LADs) across England.

According to the figures, Westminster is the LAD with the fastest average modem sync speed of 10.8Mbps - although this speed relates to the potential of a connection, rather than the actual real-world capabilities received by consumers.

The majority of districts with average modem sync scores of 10Mbps or more were located in London, with Camden, Hackney and Islington also found to offer these speeds. Away from the capital, Bristol performed the strongest, with an average rate of 10Mbps.

Ofcom's latest publication comes in the wake of a study released by the regulator last month which showed that average UK broadband speeds rose by 22 per cent in the 12 months to November 2011.

Researchers found the download capability available to the typical British household stood at 7.6Mbps, up from 6.8Mbps last May and 6.2Mbps in November and December 2010.

Last November's study was the first time that more than half of UK residential properties had a headline or advertised speed of over 10Mbps, although two-fifths of subscribers were still found to be stuck on packages with maximum theoretical download rates of 10Mbps or less.

Commenting on the figures, Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards said it is "encouraging" that broadband speeds are increasing and that consumers now have a "real choice" of different internet products and service providers.

"There is a real opportunity for consumers to look at the packages and deals in their area in order to receive the best value, speeds and performance available to them," he stated.

Mr Richards went on to reveal that Brits can look forward to further speed boosts over the coming years thanks to infrastructure improvements from the likes of BT and Virgin Media.

"Most households in the UK can now access super-fast broadband services and these services are set to get faster still," he added.

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