Plusnet finds two-thirds of dads use internet to help kids with homework

Monday, June 17th 2013
The majority of dads turn to the internet when asked to help out with homework.
Plusnet finds two-thirds of dads use internet to help kids with homework
Two-thirds of fathers use the internet to help their children out with homework, according to new research from Plusnet.

The Yorkshire-based broadband provider discovered that 67 per cent of kids look to their dad for advice and support on assignments, with 63 per cent of fathers aged 25 to 44 turning to internet search engines to find out the answer.

Fathers in the north-east were most likely to consult Google when helping their children with homework, with 88 per cent of respondents in the region admitting to doing so. 

Dads also use the internet when offering help on a range of other topics, from money (38 per cent) to car maintenance (26 per cent).

It appears that fatherly advice is least valued in Wales, where only 58 per cent of children said they sought help from their dad.

Jamie Ford, Chief Executive of Plusnet, commented: "With fathers so dependent on the internet we're proud to be able to offer our support with our great-value broadband packages and straight-talking service."

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