Plusnet pledges to offer cheapest standalone broadband

Thursday, October 7th 2010
Consumers can get the cheapest broadband in the country without having to commit to a bundle deal by signing up with Plusnet, it has been claimed.
Plusnet pledges to offer cheapest standalone broadband
Plusnet has launched a new promotion in which it claims to offer the cheapest standalone broadband in the UK.

The internet service provider has stated that consumers will be unable to find a lower-priced broadband package without having to bundle in a phone service.

It explained that its home broadband proposition will cost subscribers the same amount whether they choose to take out a Plusnet landline or stick with their existing deal.

However, the company insisted its line rental of £11.25 per month is cheaper than comparable offers from BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.

Furthermore, Plusnet pledged to beat any like-for-like quote on broadband if a lower price is found.

The promise is only available in conjunction with Plusnet's Value Broadband tariff, which includes a 10GB monthly usage allowance and download speeds of up to 20Mb/s.

It costs £6.49 per month and also comes with a free wireless router, while no activation is required for customers who sign up for a broadband bundle including a landline.

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01st November 2010
We switched to Plusnet a week ago. And we have been without Internet for... eh... one week. Having spent a fortune on calls to various people, I have now bought a mobile dongle, while I wait and wait and wait for someone to fix it. We’ve not heard a peep from tech support in four days. Britain’s ‘cheapest’ broadband has cost us £50-£100 in a week, with no service whatsoever. The thing that baffles me is that my previous ISP and this one are both resellers of BT – it’s only a matter of switching a switch and changing the billing isn’t it? Now if Jamie Ford, Plusnet’s CEO, changed his electricity, water or gas provider, how long would he think was acceptable for the service to be down, 7 seconds, 7 minutes, 7 hours or 7 days? If it was more than 7 seconds, I think he’d be demanding compensation. So Jamie, how about getting your broadband service sorted out before going on the publicity drive? Didn’t you learn anything from Bulldog (Cable and Wireless) and TalkTalk (Dixons)’s fiascos? As they say in Yorkshire: “you don’t get ought for nought”…
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