Shetland speeds 'limited by high demand'

Monday, May 18th 2015
High levels of demand are impacting broadband services in the Shetlands.
Shetland speeds 'limited by high demand'
Homes and businesses in the Shetlands are suffered from reduced download speeds due to the considerable strain that is being placed on local services through high demand.

Network operator BT has now rolled out superfast broadband connections to more than 4,000 premises across the islands, with premises in Sumburgh, Lerwich and Quarff connected in October last year.

However, it now appears many local residents are suffering from reduced bandwidth and slower connections, as more and more people sign up to this service.

A spokesperson for BT commented: "We're aware of broadband speed issues affecting some users in the Shetland area and we're sorry for any impact on local people. Our planners are currently drawing up an action plan to optimise capacity in the local network to improve speeds."

They added that it is now hoped these measures will begin to be rolled out in the next few weeks.

At present, 76 per cent of Shetlands residents can access broadband services, but BT aims to bolster this figure further in the coming months.

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