BT plans 500 Mbps tests

Wednesday, April 22nd 2015
BT is to undergo its latest tests in Swansea.
BT plans 500 Mbps tests
UK broadband provider BT has announced plans to carry out a trial in Swansea for the firm's new 500 Mbps ultrafast broadband infrastructure.

Known as, the new network technology has already undergone previous tests in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and the Newcastle suburb of Gosforth.

However, this third assessment will be on a smaller scale to the previous 2,000 homes and businesses that have been covered by the scheme, with a focus on ensuring the technology can deliver on its promised enhanced connectivity in a range of challenging environments.

Lab tests have clocked networks at speeds of up to 696 Mbps.

BT's chief network architect Neil McRae commented: "We are aggressively pursuing further industry standards to improve the rate vs reach of and enable new kit to be developed."

He added that the new network will initially provide download speeds to consumers around the 100 Mbps mark, before rising to the aforementioned 500 Mbps over the next ten years.

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