TalkTalk exec notes prevalence of sofalising

Monday, November 29th 2010
Research has claimed a quarter of Brits spend more time socialising with friends online than face-to-face.
TalkTalk exec notes prevalence of sofalising
TalkTalk's communications director has noted the popularity of "sofalising" during popular TV shows such as The X Factor.

Mark Schmid explained this practise involves socialising with friends without ever leaving the sofa by using social networking sites, instant messaging and mobile phones.

This can be seen every week on Twitter when millions of people argue about who their favourite is and which act should be voted off the ITV talent show, Mr Schmid claimed.

Citing research conducted by Yazino, he revealed 26 per cent of Brits spend more time catching up with their friends online than in person, while three per cent spend more than 25 hours a week sofalising.

"Nowadays, people don't watch one screen, but two (or more) - the TV and a laptop or mobile phone. It's like being part of the live show itself," the broadband bundle provider's expert added.

Last night (November 28th 2010), X Factor fans watched on as Katie Waissel and Wagner Carrilho were kicked off the show, with Ireland's Mary Byrne surviving the sing-off.

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14th October 2009
Where can I buy 'Red' the mascot?. I want one.
13th October 2009
Dear virgin please please please make mr red, my better half would love to have 1 at homen so please please make him.
03rd October 2009
My lord! , Your punctuation ,or lack of is, shocking, as is you ability - or lack thereof, to constuct a sentence- I would suggest you spend you money on some basic englich lessons my friend and stop worrying about the mascot! Now - I feel better for getting that off my chest! I too would like to know if they [Virgin1] will be merchandising this mascot and, as mentioned before, the possibilities are fairly endless if you include costums. If you are reading this you lovely Virgin execs - there is an opportunity to increase your sharedholder's dividends this financial year. Come on people get sewing!
15th September 2009
it dosnt look like your gunna get a little red i no we all have the monkey thanks to pg tips but i dont think vigins going to make there mascot puplic id like to see this happen myself as i think reds cool its a shame no company is make these yet they whould make millions of merchandise if they made teddys with suits cups key rings shirts the list can go on i think we all should protest to virgin how strong we fell about this really
11th September 2009
we have Monkey already too, but he is crying out for Red to join him. PLEASE make Red available for purchase ! It's not fair that Monkey has to be alone, without his Red brother ! PLEASE Virgin - hear our plea, make Red available for purchase NOW ! thanks ! d and d
01st September 2009
its been over two months now since I asked if Red is for sale - please end my misery - I want him so much - he,s so cool !!!
31st August 2009
I would love to get my hands on the new Red mascot for Virgin, will they go on sale to the public? He is so cute!!!!
26th August 2009
Dear Mr.Branson, please give the masses what they desire....... have a Red!!! With his outfits too! Would be a great Christmas gift. I will certainly be buying one for me at Chirstmas :)
25th August 2009
Hi can anyone help. Where can I get a red in his Star Trek top? My husband is a mad treky fan and want to get him one for his birthday Would be such a cool present!!
24th August 2009
Yes- I would quite like a mini one to go with my mini Monkey - but would like the Sexcetera one please - strange but true!
16th August 2009
as a virgin customer for such a long time i think we should be provided with the new red mascot any chance off receiving one plz
10th August 2009
I really want a Red, come on Virgin let us buy him
03rd August 2009
he's sooo cute, where can I get one.... please lemme know??
31st July 2009
I want 1.... can anybody help..????
29th July 2009
can you tell me where i can buy red the new mascot from
22nd July 2009
I would absolutley love the star trek ident - I have looked everywhere and I can not find anywhere that Sells him. Anyone had a luck as to whether or not Red is for sale?
14th July 2009
can you please advise if possible to get hold of a red in the star trek uniform he wears
02nd July 2009
would love to get hold a red !!! is he on sale?
30th June 2009
I would love to buy Red, I also have Monkey and Flat Eric, Red would be a great addition to the household.
25th June 2009
I would like to know if red can be purchased as I think he's so cool. I already have monkey.
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