Unique mobile broadband solution ends not spot woes

Monday, August 23rd 2010
A mobile broadband dongle attached to a pole has allowed one businessman to access the web at high speeds.
Unique mobile broadband solution ends not spot woes
A Lincolnshire businessman has found a unique way of making the most of his mobile broadband connection to give him high-speed internet access.

Richard Duckering, who runs a car body repair shop near Market Rasen, had only been able to get dial-up speed broadband via his business landline.

However, he is now able to browse the web at high speeds after installing a mobile broadband dongle on the roof of the premises, attached to a pole and connected to his PC via a series of USB extension cables.

Speaking to the Lincolnshire Echo, Mr Duckering explained: "I was up on the roof doing some work and I noticed I had a 3G signal on my phone and wondered if I would be able to use a broadband dongle to finally have access to better internet."

Last week, Ofcom revealed that the Welsh use mobile broadband more than any other consumers in the UK, with take-up standing at 16 per cent of households.  

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