Microwave radio links bring better broadband to Northlew

Thursday, October 16th 2014
The Devonshire village of Northlew now has access to better broadband thanks to an innovative piece of technology.
Microwave radio links bring better broadband to Northlew
Northlew, a remote Devon village located close to Dartmoor, has become one of the first communities in the country to benefit from an innovative new broadband delivery method.

The government and internet service providers have been working to find a solution to connect remote areas to better broadband, with one such technique involving microwave radio links.

Four kilometres worth of these links are being used in Northlew in place of the fibre optic cables, allowing the high-speed technology to come to the village without the need for extensive excavations to disrupt life in the small community.

South-West Regional Manager for BT Paul Coles commented: "Getting superfast broadband to Northlew has been an immensely challenging and satisfying project," before adding: "I'd particularly like to thank the people of Northlew for their invaluable support."

Over half of Northlew's small population is already using the technology delivered to them via the microwave links.

Better broadband has been delivered to the village as part of a pilot funded by the Connecting Devon and Somerset rollout programme, which is run by local councils from the two counties, as well as BT.

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