Point Topic reports drop in global broadband growth

Wednesday, October 17th 2012
The growth in global broadband connections slowed in the second quarter, Point Topic has revealed.
Point Topic reports drop in global broadband growth
Global broadband subscriber numbers continued to rise in the three months to June but at a slower pace than in previous quarters, according to Point Topic.

At the end of the three-month period, total subscriber numbers climbed to 624.1 million, representing an upturn of 2.1 per cent. However, this increase was significantly lower than the level recorded between January and March.

This trend was attributed largely to the downturn in growth seen in two key markets - China and the US.

In the UK, the rise in broadband customer numbers stood at just 0.8 per cent, with net additions for the quarter reaching 175,700.

Point Topic explained it is inevitable that saturation in mature markets means it is harder to add completely new broadband lines, but insisted there is still "considerable appetite" for the technology.

Oliver Johnson, chief executive of Point Topic, commented: "The peaks in growth are getting lower and lower.

"We had thought that the global rate of growth was settling at around 2.5 per cent per quarter, so the decline in this quarter is interesting."

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