Remote Scottish communities achieve broadband connectivity

Friday, December 5th 2014
Several remote Scottish communities are now connected to faster broadband.
Remote Scottish communities achieve broadband connectivity
BT has announced the successful installation of hundreds of miles of subsea cabling that has meant remote communities in Scotland will now benefit from superfast broadband.

The project to deliver this improved access to broadband connectivity cost approximately £26.9 million to deliver, with the longest section of new cabling stretching for 50 miles from Ullapool to Stornoway.

In total, 250 miles of cable has now been laid that gives remote communities the chance to now achieve broadband download speeds of up to 80 Mbps.

Scottish Deputy First Minister John Swinney stated: "Today marks an incredibly important step in the completion of the most complex ever underwater engineering that Scotland has seen. It is a hugely impressive technological feat."

He added that households and businesses across the most remote Scottish islands will now witness all the benefits of superfast connectivity, many of which that would not have done so but for this ambitious programme.

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