Solon says broadband to drive growth for cable companies

Friday, June 15th 2012
Broadband is set to be one of the biggest growth areas for cable operators over the next two years, according to a new study.
Solon says broadband to drive growth for cable companies
Broadband, mobile and business to business (B2B) are seen as the biggest opportunities for European cable operators, according to Solon Management Consulting.

The fifth Solon Survey of European Cable Communication showed cable companies are expecting their revenues to grow at more than five per cent a year until 2014.

Average bandwidths look set to increase over the study period due to rising levels of demand for viewing online video on multiple devices, the study claimed.

Consequently, the ability to deliver higher speeds was cited as a key issue in cable operators preventing customer churn and getting the edge over fibre-to-the-home providers.

Christian Teichmann, managing director at Solon Management Consulting in London, said: "Cable operators have so many growth options - it is up to them to make the most out of it."

UK cable company Virgin Media announced a 2.4 per cent year-on-year increase in revenues to £1 billion in the first three months of 2012.

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