Superfast broadband transforms business for staircase manufacturer

Thursday, November 20th 2014
North Yorkshire manufacturing firm Bisca has been benefiting from the arrival of superfast broadband.
Superfast broadband transforms business for staircase manufacturer
Bisca, a bespoke staircase manufacturer based in Helmsley, is one of more than 1,000 small firms benefiting from gaining a fibre broadband connection under the Superfast North Yorkshire rollout.

Director of Bisca Richard McLane signed up to the connectivity initiative's business support programme, which helped to educate him about how his company could use the high-speed technology to its best advantage.

Getting access to better broadband has helped the firm to expand its operations, attract new customers and increase its recruitment.

Being able to have a stronger presence on social media platforms due to an improved internet connection has been a major factor in Bisca increasing its customer base.

Mr McLane commented: "The changes we've made as a result of the advice and support have really started to make a difference and with the increased number of enquiries, we have been able to take on a new member of staff."

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