Brighton residents block BT broadband plans

Tuesday, July 6th 2010
Residents in Brighton are opposed to BT fibre-optic broadband plans, it is reported.
Brighton residents block BT broadband plans
BT's plans to install broadband cabinets to bring superfast capabilities to Brighton have met with objections from some conservation groups, it has been reported.

A group of five environmental organisations have joined forces to oppose the cabinets that the firm wants to install, the Argus reports.

The group, which includes the Regency Society, the Montpellier and Clifton Hill Society, the Kemp Town Society, the Brighton Society and the Regency Square Area Society are concerned about where the cabinets are being placed and is keen to point out they are not against the technology.

Stephen Neiman of the Regency society told the newspaper: "There is no doubt we have to move with the time and that we need superfast broadband, especially in a vibrant city like Brighton.

"Having said that, I'm not convinced the solution put forward by BT is the right and proper one."

BT is ploughing around £2.5 billion into rolling out broadband across the UK and plans to upgrade cabinets in London to bring superfast capabilities to 87 per cent of the capital by 2012.

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18th May 2012
how about the kemp town society do 1as we need tis installed asap it should as it goed been done in march and yet we are still waiting, we are the ones who should decide on it as we are the tennants who live in this area not sure and maybe if it was not for people like you we would also have fibre optic broad band now in my area like rottingdean has but no we still have the very slow antiquated adsl technology only which is not what we want at all and you are just depriving us people who live here from getting fibe optic speeds.
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