BT boosts Yorkshire fibre optic broadband coverage

Friday, March 23rd 2012
Another 72,000 properties across Yorkshire and the Humber are set to gain access to super-fast broadband.
BT boosts Yorkshire fibre optic broadband coverage
Tens of thousands more homes and businesses across Yorkshire and the Humber will be connected to super-fast broadband by BT over the coming months.

As part of the telecoms giant's £2.5 billion national investment in fibre optic broadband, the service will be rolled out to another 72,000 properties in the region by spring 2013.

Hebden Bridge, Manningham, Sharrow and Wadsley Bridge are among the communities to be included in the deployment, which will see the number of premises in the region with access to fibre optic broadband rise to more than one million.

Currently, more than 545,000 properties across Yorkshire and the Humber have access to super-fast broadband, while a further 515,000 are due to be connected before the end of this year.

The rollout will bring speeds of up to 40Mbps to customers in the area, although this headline rate is set to roughly double from early next month.

By signing up for a fibre optic broadband connection, consumers will be able to perform multiple bandwidth-heavy applications simultaneously, such as downloading a movie while watching a catch-up TV service.

A music track can be downloaded in around two seconds and a high-definition film in about ten minutes.

BT's partnership director John Anderson commented: "This is a further major BT investment for Yorkshire and the Humber.

"In these tough economic times, this exciting technology will give a big boost to local businesses and households. Sophisticated communications are the lifeblood of any successful community.

"Super-fast broadband can give our businesses a significant competitive edge, helping them save money and improve their services at the same time."

The announcement comes shortly after BT revealed it had delivered its next-generation copper broadband service to 85,000 more homes and businesses across the region.

Open to all communications providers on a wholesale basis, the broadband service was already available in 121 locations across Yorkshire and the Humber.

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