BT finally ends Cumbrian broadband woe

Wednesday, November 20th 2013
BT has fixed a troublesome Cumbria broadband exchange that has been frustrating residents since July.
BT finally ends Cumbrian broadband woe
Residents in Cumbria who have spent the last few months frustrated by slow broadband speeds have finally had the problems rectified by BT.

Homes and businesses in Kirkby had been complaining about the service since July, but despite widespread unrest, it has taken until now for BT to take action.

In fact it took a petition initiated by a local businesswoman to bring the matter to the company's attention, reports the North West Evening Mail. Graphic Designer Claire Steel runs a business in Beckside, but the poor quality of her broadband connection was making it impossible for her to work from home.

But after the submission of the 50-strong petition and a meeting between Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock and BT executives, engineers visited the exchange and fixed the fault.

Mr Woodcock said: "Engineers have now visited Kirkby and one BT technician spent six hours working in the small exchange behind the Burlington pub. This has resulted in customers finally getting a more reliable service."

Ms Steel claimed some residents are still reporting issues, but this is thought to be due to an unrelated problem.

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