New urban focus for Be Broadband founders

Friday, May 20th 2011
Hyperoptic has been launched as a new venture by the founders of Be Broadband.
New urban focus for Be Broadband founders
The founders of Be Broadband have announced their entry into the urban fibre broadband market after starting a new company - Hyperoptic.

First focusing on the London market, Hyperoptic aims to deliver fibre-optic broadband services of up to 1 Gbps (Gigabits per second) to large residential and office buildings in the capital.

Boris Ivanovic and Dana Pressman Tobak have set up the new venture, which has been designed to be independent of other providers such as BT, preferring instead to run parallel to these services, although the network does have some interconnectivity in certain areas.

According to the president of Hyperoptic Mr Ivanovic, the firm is hoping to push the boundaries of connection speed for its clients, as this is seen as a top priority by many.

He commented: "From consumers simply wanting to download an HD movie at home to fanatical gamers wanting to experience cloud-based action in 'real time', Hyperoptic is for everyone, because where information is expected instantly, the future will be fibre."

Mr Ivanovic added that many people simply accept the fact that the connection speeds they receive are not the ones that are advertised by providers. However, he claimed that this is his top concern and will ensure that Hyperoptic lives up to its claims, especially in this contentious area.

Meanwhile, Clodagh Murphy, director of Eclipse Internet, recently argued that demand for superfast broadband services in rural areas of the UK is gaining strength all of the time.

She noted that it is not only cities that wish to see the installation of superfast internet, with rural dwellers equally as passionate about getting the best broadband service they can.

Indeed, Ms Murphy commented: "We only have to mention superfast fibre broadband to see the demand from our customers."

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