BT finds broadband has wide impact in Scotland

Tuesday, December 14th 2010
Scots are utilising a wide array of the opportunities offered by the internet.
BT finds broadband has wide impact in Scotland
A new BT survey has highlighted the value of broadband access to the people of Scotland.

The poll, carried out as part of the telecoms giant's Race to Infinity fibre optic broadband initiative, revealed the internet has a wide impact on Scots' lives.

Around 85 per cent of respondents expressed their love for online shopping, with more than a quarter saying their maximum purchase made via the web would be worth £500 or more.

One-in-five would be prepared to take advantage of online dating, while 16 per cent had already given it a try.

Streaming content is also popular north of the border, with seven per cent stating this is how they spend the majority of their time on the web.

"This survey reinforces just how important the internet is to people in Scotland," commented BT Scotland director Brendan Dick.

Mr Dick has previously described the Race to Infinity, which will influence BT's future super-fast broadband deployments, as a "golden opportunity" for the country.

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02nd July 2009
Slower - its dead. You can not even watch YouTube video. I think its misleading to advertise as mobile broadband. I think it should be called mobile dial up. I signed up for 3 mobile through a website and laptop is great but broadband is *&%$ to use it I normally go outside and use it in the car.
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