Fibre broadband boost for East Lothian residents

Thursday, January 30th 2014
A host of properties in East Lothian have been connected to fibre optic broadband.
Fibre broadband boost for East Lothian residents
Homes and businesses in the East Lothian region of Scotland have been introduced to fibre broadband for the first time, thanks to a local rollout project.

The towns of Tranent and Dunbar have received superfast speeds as part of the scheme, with an estimated 5,500 premises already having been connected.

As engineers continue to carry out essential installation work over the coming weeks and months, the service provider expects another 11,800 residents and entrepreneurs to benefit.

East Lothian MP Fiona O'Donnell explained that the arrival of the new service will be immeasurably positive for the local economy.

She said: "It's vital that we embrace this latest generation of technology in order for our local economy to remain competitive."

Ms O'Donnell went on to say that there is still more that needs to be done to ensure all businesses in Scotland have the broadband coverage they need to succeed.

The project is part of the government's nationwide Broadband Delivery UK scheme.

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