KC to start new fibre broadband rollout in Woodmansey

Tuesday, July 26th 2011
The company is planning to deliver fibre broadband to 15,000 East Yorkshire homes as part of its initial deployment.
KC to start new fibre broadband rollout in Woodmansey
Woodmansey has been chosen by Hull-based telecoms firm KC as the first community to be included in its new fibre optic broadband rollout plans.

The company's initial deployment of the infrastructure will bring next-generation speeds to 15,000 homes in East Yorkshire, with these properties set to benefit from maximum download capabilities of 100Mbps.

Several technologies will be included in the upgrade programme, including fibre to the home, which involves the laying of fibre optic cables all the way from the local telephone exchange to consumers' households. This allows for faster broadband access than fibre to the cabinet, which is used in the bulk of the UK's rollouts of super-fast access.

Once they have been connected to the KC fibre broadband network, homes in Woodmansey will be able to take advantage of bandwidth-heavy online applications such as streaming videos and high-definition TV on multiple devices simultaneously, without losing picture quality.

Around 330 homes in the village that already receive broadband from Karoo, KC's internet service provider arm, will get access to super-fast speeds by this autumn.

Kevin Walsh, chief executive of KC, said the deployment of fibre-based infrastructure is part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring customers in Hull and the East Riding have access to the UK's best broadband.

"The trend is for people to spend much more time online and use services that need much more bandwidth," he commented.

"Installing fibre is the next stage of our programme and means we'll be able to meet the needs of the most bandwidth-hungry households today and in the future."

Last December, KC installed fibre to the kerb in the village of Walkington, boosting local connection speeds from around 1Mbps to approximately 15Mbps.

At the time, KC's consumer services director Nick Thompson said the growing popularity of gaming, online TV and other applications means high-speed broadband is "more important than ever". 

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